Popular attractions in Bovec

The summer tourism has been thriving all across Posočje region in Slovenia. However, the juncture of it has settled in a little town called Bovec. Surrounded by high mountains, crystal clear river Soca and greenery it is a perfect spot for all adrenaline loving tourists. There they can participate in almost every summer sport you can imagine; paragliding, hiking, kayaking… but the main two sports are definitely Soca rafting and canyoning in Bovec.

Soca rafting in Bovec is probably the most sought-after activity due to its popularity with families with small children and bigger groups, for example students, company and school trips. It is definitely an experience worth trying. The time you spend on the raft will fling by quickly due to having fun but you will still have the time to admire amazing views the river has to offer. So, if you want to spice up your holiday but you are not the most adrenaline type of person, decide for Soca rafting. Bovec is a great place to start because it offers a lot of different trips on different routes and you will easily choose the right one.

Another popular activity can also be found in Bovec. Canyoning is a bit trendier sport than rafting, which is considered to be somewhat a traditional, safer choice. Canyoning is in comparison with rafting a more individual sport, although you still move around in a group. But when the time for sliding down the waterfall comes it is all up to you. It is considered as more exciting and interesting sport. In Bovec, canyoning can be performed on various locations. You can choose a path suitable to your expectations and endurance. You can also choose it based on your expectations of what you want to see.

After a couple of days of doing nothing holidays usually tend to get a little bit boring. Try doing things differently for a day or two and make and book a trip down the river for Soca rafting. Bovec and other nearby places can look so different from another perspective.