Extreme activities on rivers and in canyons

Try something new and discover the thrilling activities that are done on water! There are many options to choose from, but the most important decision is to just do one – the others will definitely follow, as the rabbit hole of adrenaline is too attractive to avoid. If you find yourself in the right place at the right time, you’ll have the opportunity to really experience everything the world of extreme sports has to offer. The best place for that might be the Soca River in Slovenia, with the town of Bovec being one of the favorite starting points.

What can you try in Bovec? White water rafting springs to mind immediately, as it’s one of the most popular activities on the Soca River. Bovec white water rafting can be done on several stretches of the river – in its upper part, Soca is quite dynamic and offers attractive rapids and drops, ideal for those seeking exhilarating fun in Bovec. White water rafting is definitely a worthy introduction into the world of extreme sports, especially combined with the amazing sights and feels of the Soca valley.

When you get hooked, think about other options on offer in this part of the country. We mentioned canyons – let’s go canyoning! Soca offers the perfect ambient for that as well. While there is a very varied offer of tours in regards to canyoning, Soca itself offers the perfect canyons for adventurers seeking something new. Most of the canyoning is carried out in narrow canyons of the Soca’s tributaries that are conveniently located in the vicinity of several prominent towns along the river. That’s just another reason to try canyoning – Soca offers the perfect setting, while the nearby town will add the opportunity and means to do it!