Experience Bovec rafting

O a completely remote part of the world lies a small town called Bovec that offers amazing waterfront adventures in the nearby river that will make your summertime vacation experience unique and one of a kind. If you decide to do some Bovec rafting we are absolutely sure that you will not regret it. There is only one way to experience nature as it was all those millennia ago and to be a part of land and little corners of the earth that have not been touched in ages is truly amazing. Not only is the Bovec rafting experience good for total beginners, it is also an opportunity for those more experienced adventurers to hike up their pants and dive deep into an experience they most likely have never encountered before. If you decide to visit Bovec and by some chance let that inspire some Bovec rafting, then you really are in for an experience of your lifetime.

Canyoning soca is not as difficult as it sounds.

You are always in the presence of an experienced guide that has seen thought several of these kinds of trips and is there to make your trip enjoyable, smooth and most importantly safe. Of course, you gain valuable experience if you are often deciding to go for some rafting and these people know canyoning soca like the back of their hand. If you want an authentic canyoning soca experience, then these local guided tours are the way to go. After a brief and thorough explanation of the ins and outs of safety the trip can begin on the calm river banks and can later transform into an adrenalin filled trip down shallow parts and steep sections that will leave you holding your paddle with anxious excitement of the end of the descent