The central tourist offer of Bovec

If you’re a tourist and find yourself in the Soca valley, it’s very likely your destination is the town of Bovec. Bovec is a popular tourist center of the region, offering all the amenities of a modern vacation destination. With a little twist, of course – it’s focused almost entirely on outdoor activities, which are the main attraction of the offer in the town! Fortunately, all the activities make for a really great time, especially if you’re not afraid to get your feet wet. It’s worth checking out at least some of the more popular options.

Rafting Bovec

It’s hard to take a stroll through the town streets without noticing a sign advertising professional rafting tours. That’s the central focus of the tourist offer in Bovec, and in most other towns in the Soca valley as well. Rafting Bovec is also a very popular choice, so it’s no wonder the local tourist offices cater primarily to the adventurers eager to find themselves in a rubber boat on the lively river waves. There are many options and many different experiences to choose from – for rafting, Bovec is really adaptable and can fit every need, from white-water rapids to scenic tours.

Kayak BovecIt’s similar with kayaking, which is in some way even more popular than rafting. Bovec is situated in the perfect place for both rafting and kayaking, so many visitors come seeking a nice adventure in a kayak. Bovec is well prepared for this kind of visitors. Some are ready to go on an independent adventure with their own equipment, and some are seeking an all-inclusive package with equipment rental and transport. Both options are available, and kayak Bovec can also offer other options for other enquiries. The best possible experience is guaranteed for everyone!